| By Alan Fleishman
Usually, when I sit down to write, I follow two simple rules: Write what you know (suggested by a pretty good writer, Ernest Hemmingway) and “Never marry your first date or your first draft” (source unknown, but good advice on both accounts). This is different. This is difficult. John Lennon once...Read more
  | By Miguel Cervantes III
In my previous article, I discussed the problem that underrated players present in USTA league play. It is difficult to be critical of a system without being able to propose an alternative system. In this article, I hope to put forth what I believe can improve the accuracy of rating new players...Read more
  | By Daniel Kresh
Tennis is a game where you cannot succeed if you are afraid to miss. When learning a new shot or tweaking your technique consistent success often will only follow a disappointing inconsistency. Even at the highest level of the game, players will miss shots; that being said, not all misses are “bad...Read more
  | By Lonnie Mitchel
I am out on the tennis court at 7:30 a.m. in the morning working out on the tennis court, and on the court next to me is a wonderful scene. Two former students, home from college, are playing doubles with the parents of one of the boys. It turns out that these two boys (one a freshman and the other...Read more
  | By Tonny van de Pieterman
Question … do you want to win or do you want to play well? A tennis match is a unique physical and mental competition between two individuals. I like to call it “a test of skills and wills.” The loser of a tennis match sometimes experiences feelings of hurt, shame or even sorrow (sounds farfetched...Read more
  | By Dr. Tom Ferraro
Managing loss is one of the more important skills a champion must learn. Let’s face it, everyone loses. That includes Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Andre Agassi, Pete Sampras and all the rest. They have all learned how to manage losses over their career. The healthy champion knows how to digest loss...Read more
  | By Long Island Tennis Magazine Staff
The USTA/Eastern/Long Island Region has announced that the second in its series of club owner workshops has been scheduled for Tuesday, April 12 from noon-2:00 p.m. at the United Way of Long Island, located at 819 Grand Boulevard in Deer Park, N.Y. Lunch will be served. Called the "LITE," or "Long...Read more
  | By Long Island Tennis Magazine Staff
Tennis Channel will unveil its second season of tennis health-and-nutrition series Fit to Hit Sunday, April 3, at 7 p.m. ET. The half-hour instructional program will again be hosted by Danielle Dotzenrod, and look at the world of sports diet and fitness from a tennis player's perspective. Tailored...Read more
  | By Chuck Russell
So many times over the years, I have seen a player hit an approach shot, follow it up to net (volley position), and get passed or lobbed by an opponent’s great shot. Most of the time, the player who was passed (and lost the point) will tell me: “My volley stinks, so I’m staying back!” What I try to...Read more
  | By Long Island Tennis Magazine Staff
Robbie Wagner Tournament Training - Glenwood Landing will be hosting a college recruiting seminar presented by consultants, Scholarship for Athletes, on Sunday, May 1 from 4:00 p.m.-5:30 p.m., at 142 Glenwood Road in Glenwood Laning, N.Y. All ages and levels are welcome to attend, and both parents...Read more