| By Juan Pablo Perez Rios
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Besides teaching technical and tactical skills to our players, we have to commit to teach them a very important type of training, “Invisible Training.” What is invisible training? The question gives us the answer. Invisible training is all the things a player does that we cannot see, but influences her performance.

Why is invisible training important? It is very important because it sets the guidelines that help achieve mental maturity and responsibility at the time of competition. And what is it? It is teaching all elements of invisible training and its importance, and how it gives us guidelines to become competitive players.

Before practice or a match:

►Be on time. Know the time and day of your practice or tournaments

►Warm-up. Know when to warm up and for how long: Jogging, stretching, jump rope, etc.

►Have all equipment ready. Racquet, towels, strings, water, hat, etc.

After practice or a match:


►Change of clothes

►Put away all equipment

►Know when your next match or practice session is

Off the court:

►Nutrition. A player should pay close attention to what he eats before, during and after a match or practice. Good nutrition plays a very important role in performance. 

►Hydration. Thirst is a sing on dehydration. Players should be constantly taking fluids in. 

►Rest. Resting is as important as training. Without the proper resting our bodies will not recover properly. Suitable resting should be done in a comfortable environment for at lease eight hours. Players should make every effort to get quality rest between matches.

►Hygiene. Shower after each training session. Use clean clothes and dress according to the environment.

►Medical check ups to prevent or treat injuries.

These guidelines help players be more responsible towards tennis activities. They also help build players’ self esteem and positive attitude.

Our mission as trainers is to give guidelines for invisible training and observe how our players perform this training. We also remind our players how important is to do this type of training to become a competitive player.

Juan Pablo Perez Rios

<p>Juan Pablo Perez Rios is a USPTR 4A tennis coach at World Gym in Setauket, N.Y. He is also a Level 2 coach of the Internacional Tennis Federacion (ITF). He may be reached by e-mail at <a href="mailto:juanpitenis@hotmail.com">juanpitenis@hotmail.com</a>.</p>